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We, registered as MAJOR DENIZCILIK VE DIŞ TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ., has been operating since 2012 in the fields of exports, imports and relevant logistics activities in Turkey within the experience more than 20 years at the commerce.

The founder owner of the company had been post-graduated on masters degree of Mechanical Engineering from a reputable university of Turkey. He has putting his all experiences herein the company in the fields of international commerce as he who is also Marine Transportation Management Engineer and has got a Sea Captain licence. His knowledge which has been occured under this expereince in different but also relevant fields of merchandise are the commencement point of the company reputations.

we are really awarness and familiar that to be leading on the production in the fields of new machineries requests experience also together with the knowledge enough. And, also we are sure that it is not so easy to find reliable and trustfull high qualified right manufacturers which has grown under reputations, from the far distances. So, therefore, the main policy of our company is to be a bridge in between the clients who are willing to buy their new machines under the cost effective parameters of the productions and the right producers which will be acted under optimization values for both parties.

As on this proceeding by the mentioned approaches, our company has been running with reputable producers in Turkey which each of them has got their own valued reputation that they proofed themself in the industry.

The producers of the following kinds of machineries are all located in Turkey and in the direct connection with our company. Our all marketing and selling activities relating to the machines what has been producing by those manufacturers according to the customers' requirements which we bring those requirements of clients to the producers particularly, are under warranty of their manufacturers principally. This is an agreement which has been letting us to behave as like a private Foreing Trade Division of these manufacturers. In that respect, when a client has sent us a demand details on a machine that needed our best offer, the client will be in a connection together with relevant manufacturer through us since the beginning toward the end of project senchronisely. That which it is our guarantee to all clients.

The products that we supplye in Turkey are presses and complete pressing lines for sheet metal fabrication, dishing, rolling, steel casting and foundries, etc...
These machines which produced by our manufacturers now are working in 82 countries worldwide in the fields as well automotive car parts making, agricultural equipment making, greenhouses setting, construction, households, kitchen utensils, furniture, decoration, mining, ship body forming, fuel tankers, water tankers, etc.

The main machines which we have exported from Turkey through produced from our group companies:

Please inform about the size or the capacity of the machines that you need, so we can make an offer for you with technical specifications.
If you may need machines or production lines listed above please feel free to contact us.
On the other hand, if you need anything not listed above or if you have any offer to us, please contact us.
We would like to put us on a mutual business co-operations with your esteemed company.
We’re willing to make cost effective advantages on the valued demands of clients
Thank you for your time.